Mittwork/Striking tutorials

Before we start below is a sample clip of my mittwork. This is 100% freestyle. My student is a beginner and has been training for 5 months. The objective is to utilize constant movement and mix things up in a manner that is not rigid or stationary. There is no recovery or breaks. I utilize inconsistent rhythm and change gears without warning.

 As far as form is concerned, everyone can keep proper form when their coach holds the pads in the same 1,2,3 pattern executed from a stationary position (with breaks). When you get pressured on the mitts for 7-10 rounds, block 100 attacks and counter with 300+strikes per round while moving continuously in all directions it is impossible to keep perfect form.

These techniques were shot using a smartphone so please do not expect high production value. Hopefully you will get to appreciate the content and the information shared. I would like to thank my students Daniel, Page and Vangelis who helped me shoot these videos exclusively for BloodyElbow.

Our drills are divided in 9 categories

1. Counter-punching against  punches and kicks
2. Counter kicking against  punches and kicks
3. Offensive punching combinations
4. Offensive kicking and punching combinations
5. Counters against clinch attempts and simple takedowns
6. Defensive Footwork
7. Offensive Footwork
8. Standalone Drills to build muscle memory
9. Solo drills

Why it is essential to use the right mitt as target for the jab

Visiting athletes find it difficult to adjust to me using the right mitt as target for the jab. The great Kenny Weldon explains why. We have to note that both Roger and Floyd Mayweather Sr follow this rule too.

Tutorial #1

The "Dos Santos" drill. Published on Mar 23, 2017

This drill is an uppercut to hook combo from both sided : left uppercut, left hook, right uppercut to right hook. This was made famous by Brazilian Olympic Boxing coach Luiz Dorea. A similar drill is the "Tyson Drill" listed below. These two drills can be combined together or with footwork.

Tutorial #2

The Shogun Punch. Published on Mar 24, 2017

This is a a powerful offensive move with can be used to close the distance. The punch is a left jab/left hook hybrid. It looks like the professional clothesline move. Here is the move in action:

Tutorial #3

Tyson Mittwork drill, hooks to the body and uppercuts. Published on Mar 25, 2017

This is an essential focus mitts drill for our training system. This drill has two components:
Component #1. Liver punch to left uppercut
Component #2. Right hook to the body to right uppercut
This is the simple version. In the advanced version we add movement and combine with the "Dos Santos" drill listed above. This routine builds muscle memory fast.

Tutorial #4

Tutorial: Mike Tyson's leaping left hook to right cross combo. Published on Mar 27, 2017

Mike Tyson's leaping left hook to right cross combo analysis and focus mitts drills. It is essential for this to work to cut the corner to the right of your opponent with a slip or a crouch and load energy like a spring by bending your knees. This results in a devastating left hook.

Coming next week: Jab, Left Hook, Right Cross

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