Speedforce MMA mittwork

MMA Training session, Braga Jiu Jitsu and MMA, Chania, Greece, March 18, 2017:

Older clips with beginners (3-5 months)

Kostas Fantaousakis is a certified MMA coach under the Greek Ministry of Sports, a brown belt in BJJ since Jan 2013 under Wander Braga  and has a passion for martial arts. He is an admirer of Roger Mayweather's technical boxing mittwork and Dutch kickboxing and is currently teaching joint MMA and BJJ classes in Chania. ng.

The video above is a highlight of MMA striking drills based on the Mayweather mittwork system. This is the beginner's version of the drills. The full version utilizes elbows, knees, grabs and takedown attempts. Based on drills by Roger Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather Sr., Kenny Weldon, Cus D'Amato, Cor Hemmers, Ernesto Hoost, Rob Kaman, Ernesto Hoost and of course the legendary Ramon "the Diamond" Dekkers.

When I fist watched Roger Mayweather teach this system I asked myself : Can kicks, knees and elbows be used in the same way? It took me years to learn the boxing portion and then gradually started to add Dutch kickboxing combos using the same Mayweather rule of thumb which is the following: The right cross is the link between all combos.

Punching follows the Mayweather combination system (without the double left hooks). This system is mostly based on counter-punching so direct attack combos from Kenny Weldon and Cus D' Amato (Tyson's trainer) were implemented. Kicking and knee drills follow common Dutch kickboxing combinations.

This system helps students advance very fast as they get to work hundreds of combos during each training session without catching a breath. It raises awareness and enhances defense mechanisms.

These drills are all about coordination and flow, as the students do not know what to expect, only few instructions are given (if any) and they can train this continuously for a full round until exhaustion.

These drills are about building muscle memory, they are not about power. These drills are about reflexes and endurance. No warnings are given and as the students gets more advanced the trainer strikes with full power. Power training can only be done with thai pads and a heavy bag routine. We use those like every other school.

I have been experimenting with this for 14 years. I had to study hours of training footage. A system like this with kicks does not exist. If it does I could not find it online. I just combined what was already out there. However the combination/implementation of these techniques, the names of techniques and drills and the SpeedForce mitt-work system is copyrighted by me.  YouTube video dates can prove this beyond any doubt.

It is disheartening to say the least when it takes weeks of research to write an article or shoot a video just to get 5 likes and 20 views. Please share my articles and this page on social media and follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/kostasfant This will motivate me to keep going. I will keep posting till the full system is uploaded (40 combos). I will also add information explaining the philosophy behind these combinations.  I am available for seminars worldwide to teach this mittwork system, get to know people and make friends. Remember, I am a researcher and an analyst and not a grandmaster. If you need a grandmaster try somewhere else.  -Kostas
All techniques are on YouTube. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGC2NYADaI7iUNpuvtJOF9Q

SpeedForce MMA and Braga Jiu Jitsu Greece
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