How to lose weight

By Kostas Fantousakis

The usual criticism that overweight people have to deal with is: "Can't you control yourself?"
This is a stupid question with an obvious answer.
No diet will make you lose weight. No amount of training will make you lose weight.


But controlling your appetite is easier said than done. Underweight people have the same problem.
You have to build appetite control & it takes time, effort & several failures before you are strong enough to look at a piece of cake and say "I don't care"

You need to use mental frames in the beginning. The main 5 that work are:
a. Don't hang out with people that eat all day, especially if they are slim (yes they exist)
b. Start intermittent fasting & eat well after the fast.
c. Throw away all the fattening products
d. Associate yourself with people that have lost weight and exercise. A little bit of competition helps. Try to be better than them.
e. For some people it helps to become (a bit of a) zealot. That means despising what you once craved. I used to smoke. I hate smoking now.

Building appetite control takes time. Feel good about yourself & stop accusing yourself when you fail.
You are up against science (artificial flavors, colorings & taste enhancers) & marketing (brand awareness is always appealing)

Remember, fall down 9 times, stand up 10

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