BJJ Instructional video by Wander Braga

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This 12-technique submission chain is part of Wander the Crusher Braga's BJJ curriculum. This series was originally shot for a DVD release but master Braga decided to share for free for his students around the world. The competition footage I used in this video is the only HQ clip that I was able to find with this specific submission which is often refered to as the "Galvao Choke from top turtle" . Both Braulio Estima and Andre Galvao are two of the greatest BJJ athletes of all time.

About Wander Braga:
Wander "The Crusher" Braga is a jiu-jitsu practitioner for 25 years, having been an apprentice of the legendary master Rickson Gracie and being formed as black belt by Master Jorge Pereira 17 years ago. Throughout more than two decades of experience, Wander resided for more than 10 years in Los Angeles, where he promoted many fights and taught in-depth classes and training sessions at the LA Boxing Club and LA Xtreme academy for four years, Homeland Security Department and at the prestigious Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). He founded the gyms MMA Fight Forum and Gauntlet BJJ / MMA, and he is the master of UFC fighter Gabriel "Napão" Gonzaga.

Currently, Wander has a 16-1 record in MMA and decided it was time to return to Brazil to share all his experience and knowledge for the development of MMA and BJJ in Brazil.

His new DVD "The Half Guard Connection is available on Budovideos.

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