The Legend of Ramon "the Diamond" Dekkers

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Click on the links below and enjoy the story of the greatest pound for pound western Thaiboxer of all time!!!

By Kostas Fantaousakis.

This online tribute to Ramon Dekkes was original posted on my former website and was based on my interview with Ramon, on information provided by Dirk Stal (We are kickboxers) and the DVD by Nikko Toshogu Press: Ramon Dekkers - The man behind the knockouts . This article is provided in memory of Ramon Dekkers and is not intended to generate income for myself or anybody else. All photos are from the "We are kickboxers", and "Ramon Dekkers: In memoriamFacebook pages and are used here under the guidelines of the Fair Use provisions of United States Copyright Law. If you are the copyright owner of a photo and you would like me to remove it or add a copyright caption please e-mail me. Also, If you own photos of Ramon I would be more than happy to post them here.

Ramon was pleased about my original biography on and asked for the page to be updated with his last three fights. As far as I know this is the most comprehensive online tribute to Ramon Dekkers and now it is updated with the full story. This includes his bio, fighting style, his views on Muay Thai, injuries, best fights, fighting record and an exclusive interview (2003). I am working on getting interviews from his brothers and the legend himself, Cor Hemmers. Please share and spread the love.
Best fights page 3
Fight Record

Many thanks to the good people of Nikko Toshogu Press for promoting the art of Kickboxing

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