Saturday, March 10, 2018

Mittwork training for the jab

The first thing you will notice in my mittwork highlight is that I use the right mitt as the target for the jab. This is based on Kenny Weldon’s mittwork method as you can see below:

He is not the only one. Here is Floyd Mayweather Sr. :

And finally Mike Tyson:

There are significant advantages in using the right mitt for the jab:
  1. It teaches students to keep opponents behind their jab without crossing their punches.
  2. The mitt is closer to the head and the student needs to step-in to land the jab. If you use the left mitt the target is too close and is not realistic in terms of distance.
  3. Your left hand is free and you can always counterattack with a left hook. You can catch students coming in to land the jab.
  4. You can use your left hand to go for the Thai plum or go for a bear hug (I do this often when the student keeps getting too close. As a counter, the student needs to push me away and attack).

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