Part 2. Continuous Pattern Striking Drills

In this section I will present four great pattern-based drills designed to build cardio, muscle memory, and fluidity in motion.
Here is Francis Ngannou training in a similar drill (not as fluid as he should):

The Dos Santos Drill

This is a drill popularized by Junior dos Santos and his coach Luiz Carlos Dórea. This is a left uppercut to left hook, right uppercut to right hook. Here is JDS:

And here is my short instructional:

I like to add movement and footwork in all drills so here are two clips with pressure movement:

 The Tyson Drill

This drill is similar to the “Dos Santos” drill. This time the combo is: left hook to the body, left uppercut, right hook to the body, right uppercut.

The “Page” drill

This is a more advanced drill. The combination is as follows: left uppercut, right hook, left hook,right uppercut,left hook, right hook, repeat.

The “Daniel” drill

This is an advanced boxing drill: left uppercut, right hook, left hook to the body, right uppercut, left hook, right hook to the body, repeat. We call it the “Daniel” drill.

This combination goes from high to low while avoiding consecutive uppercuts. You can use this combination on the heavy bag.

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