Part 4. Training footwork

The Shogun Punch Footwork

This is a way to train the Shogun punch. Dutch fighters often use the gloves as landing targets for strikes and this is also the method used here. I recommend using 16oz gloves for drills if you want to have an injury-free career.
This is a highly effective punch: the punch Mauricio “Shogun” Rua used to knock out Chuck Liddell back at UFC 97.

This is a jab/left hook hybrid using momentum generated by stepping in at an angle with your back foot. This particular type of footwork covers a longer distance and this punch is way stronger than a jab. For a split second it looks like you land in a southpaw position, however a simple hip twist can correct this problem and you can land a right hand, a left kick or a takedown.

Machida Style training: Using cones

Here is a way to train leaping left hooks to right crosses while cutting angles. This was inspired by Lyoto Machida training highlights where he often uses cones on the floor as markers. Again, you should try to build momentum and rhythm by landing several combos in a row without interruption

Training the Weldon reset footwork

This footwork is the cornerstone of our training. The objective of the partner holding the mitt is to touch the fighter’s left shoulder and move towards him in a manner that his ear is fully visible. The fighter uses the this footwork to reset (I call it the Kenny Weldon reset) and attacks with a left uppercut and a right low kick. When drilling this move try not to land in a southpaw stance.

Boxing Footwork Drill: Step-Pivot Left, Right Uppercut, Left Hook, Right Uppercut

This time the focus of this drill is to help you become familiar with pivots towards your left side. The training partner keeps moving with his right hand extended trying to touch your right shoulder and leaves the hand extended to be used as a target. You should pivot left and land a right uppercut, left hook, right uppercut. Keep your left hand up to protect yourself from incoming overhand rights. This can also be trained with your partner using focus mitts instead of gloves.

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