Part 7: Sample Techniques and training application with proper gear

Technique #1: Jon Jones style sidekick to the thigh to a spinning back kick (Tony Jaa kick)

This move was inspired by Tony Jaa and Hong Kong action stars. In martial arts movies, fighters often use a variation where they actually step on the thigh before delivering the spinning back kick. This is not a movie so we had to keep it real. The concept behind this is to set up the kick by landing sidekicks to the thigh, connect the left foot on the opponent’s thigh to check the distance, then land a spinning back kick. You need to use a kicking shield for this. I do not recommend using Thai pads. This video is from the first time my students tried this technique.

Variation #2: Using the Left Teep to set-up the Tony Jaa kick

This is the same technique as above but this time we use the left teep to set up the move.


Training Superman Punches

Using a kicking shield your training partner needs to alternate targets on his front leg (both inside and outside of the thigh). The trick is to land a low kick, lift the foot up as if you are shin-blocking, kick back and land the punch. The combinations is as follows: Right low kick, superman right, left low kick, superman jab, repeat. Build momentum by having the partner move backwards or come forward and make sure to land several combos in a row without interaction.

Kicks to Punches

This is a great drill to combine kicks to the body and punches. As you can see a right kick is followed by a left hook and a left kick by a right cross. As the foot lands you can launch powerful punches and stop incoming opponents. Again, focus on moving from one kick to the other without delay or wasted moment.

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