Part 6: Training the jab

Training the “stiff” jab. Drill #1, right low kick

This is a way to train constant jabs and mix them with right low kicks. I prefer the training partners to hold a 16oz boxing glove against their chest to provide solid pressure. This makes the distance more realistic. Try to go for single, double and triple jabs keeping your target at the end of your punches forcing partners to stay away. Do not stop unless you feel tension on your left shoulder. This drill is deceivingly difficult and requires a lot of energy.

Training the “stiff” jab. Drill #2, Left low kick

This is the same drill as above but this time you should try to attack with an inside low kick. As you can see in the title of both videos these are conditioning drills for the jab. A fighter needs to land many thousands of jabs to be able to use this punch correctly.

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Part 6: Training the jab
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