Mittwork-Striking Tutorials

Welcome to my mittwork tutorials. It is important to watch the following video before you start reading my tutorials below:
Roger Mayweather holding the mitts for Floyd Mayweather Jr.
When I fist watched Roger Mayweather teaching his system I asked myself : Can kicks, knees and elbows be used in the same way? It took me years to learn the boxing portion and then gradually started to add Dutch kickboxing combos using the same

I had to study hours of training footage. A system like this with kicks does not exist. If it does I could not find it online. I had to combine what was already out there and the result was a unique system.

The combination/implementation of these techniques, the names of techniques and drills and the SpeedForce mitt-work system including Continous Feedback, Continous Pattern and Glove on Glove drills are copyrighted by me. YouTube video dates and Tweets can prove this beyond any doubt.

These drills are about building muscle memory, they are not about power. These drills are about reflexes and endurance. No warnings are given and as the students gets more advanced the trainer strikes with full power.  

Power training can only be done with thai pads and a heavy bag routine. We use those like every other school.

After serious consideration, I decided to share some drills from my mittwork and training curriculum.
These techniques were shot using a smartphone so please do not expect high production value.

Hopefully you will get to appreciate the content and the information shared. I would like to thank my students Daniel, Page and Vangelis who helped me shoot the videos.

Before we start below is a sample clip of my mittwork. This is 100% freestyle. My student is a beginner and has been training for 5 months. The objective is to utilize constant movement and mix things up in a manner that is not rigid or stationary. There is no recovery or breaks. I utilize inconsistent rhythm and change gears without warning.

As far as form is concerned, everyone can keep proper form when their coach holds the pads in the same 1,2,3 pattern executed from a stationary position (with breaks). When you get pressured on the mitts for 7-10 rounds, block 100 attacks and counter with 300+strikes per round while moving continuously in all directions it is impossible to keep perfect form.

So here are some basic introductory concepts and sample drills/techniques:

Part 1. Mittwork Concepts and Continous Feedback Drills
Part 2. Continuous Pattern Striking Drills  
Part 3. Glove on Glove Drills
Part 4. Training footwork
Part 5. Conditioning and strengthening striking targets
Part 6: Training the jab
Part 7: Sample Techniques and training application with proper gear

For more drills please visit my YouTube channel.
It took a lot of effort and time to shoot these videos so hitting the share button also helps me get the motivation to continue. For private lessons and training e-mail me at or contact me on and

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